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All the envelopes contained 5 (US$5.34) or 20 as well as a card with a message from a grandfather to his grandson explaining the gift. We sent the money, however, in two variations: either as banknotes that could be easily seen by anyone handling the envelope, or as a bank transfer card, which is a slip of paper that orders a bank to send money from one account to another. In other words, the cash acted as bait, while the bank transfer card would have had no value to the individual.

The last-minute national GOP interest comes in a race in which Estes, the state's treasurer, had been expected to coast easily to victory. After a missed candidate event last week, Thompson's campaign noted that Estes has failed to show up in 10 candidate forums and debates during the campaign and attended just three others. Gorsuch was sworn in during a sun-soaked ceremony in the Rose Garden, nearly 14 months after the seat was left vacant with the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

The oath was administered during the White House ceremony by Justice Anthony Kennedy, whom Gorsuch once served as a law clerk.
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